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Are Gaming Chairs Really Worth It?

Are Gaming Chairs Really Worth It?

I'm sure if you've clicked on this blog, you're either deciding on a gaming chair to buy or wondering if they're any better than an ordinary office chair. If you've been a gamer for any amount of time, I'm sure you've hear about gaming chairs. If you're a serious gamer, you've probably wondered if a gaming chair would help improve your game. Regardless of who you are, hopefully this article will give you some sort of insight into the realm of gaming chairs. 

Problems of Your Average Gamer

lower back pain from gaming for a long period of time

Now let's say you're new to gaming and you're starting to dedicate a few hours a day to gaming. It doesn't matter what game you're playing, chances are you're sitting in a chair for at least a few hours. During any of your gaming sessions, if you've ever experienced back or neck pain, you're not alone. Feeling back and neck pain is pretty typical if you're sitting in front of a computer for a few hours; hunched over. Unfortunately, if you're gaming and experiencing these pains, it's likely to translate over into your gameplay. You'll feel yourself getting agitated at your teammates or making stupid plays/callouts- this leads to a poor gaming experience. If any of this sounds familiar to you, you're probably wondering: will a gaming chair fix these problems for me? Short answer, yes! If you'd like to know why, let's go into the anatomy of a gaming chair.

Anatomy of The Gaming Chair

anatomy of a gaming chair

Most gaming chairs you find on the market are made up of a similar structure and materials. Gaming chairs for the most part are defined by their high and wide backing. The back of a gaming chair is formed to conform your back and shoulders to give you a sense of stability. Your average cheap office chair will leave your shoulders exposed. It is also very common for gaming chairs to be equipped with headrest pillows and lower lumber support pillows. Imagine hitting the back of your neck on a hard piece of plastic on top of a chair, ouch. With a gaming chair pillow headrest, you don't need to worry about hurting your neck or head while raging! The plush pillow attached to the chair will not only protect your neck and head from rage induced episodes, it's also just nice lay your head on while browsing the internet. Pretty much everyone has experience lower back pain from hunching over in a chair. Once you sit in a chair with lumbar support, you'll never want to go back. In addition to the general comfort features, gaming chairs almost always have height adjustment so you can find the perfect position at your desk or table. Imagine gaming in a chair that didn't have a height adjustment, you're just asking to get owned. Another feature that is found more commonly on premium gaming chairs is a recline function. After a long match with your friends, recline your seat back and lie down; you might just fall asleep! So now you should be a little more familiar with the functionality of a gaming chair. But hold on just one more second, there's a complete other reason why someone might purchase a gaming chair, the design! Gaming chairs often come in striking colors and patterns. Reds, greens, blues, blacks, whatever color you can think of, there's been a gaming chair in it. Colors on their own might not be that impressive, but when you throw in some patterns, it changes everything. There are so many different styles that gaming chairs come in that there has to be one fit for you. So that's wonderful and all, but you're probably thinking that all these features and cool designs are going to cost a pretty penny. You would be right... for some brands!


Pricing for gaming chairs is interesting. There are plenty of gaming chairs out on the market that are expensive with plenty of features. But there are few out on the market that are inexpensive including all the desired features. That was the case, until now! Seriously, if you want a gaming chair that includes all the high end features of a premium gaming chair for budget pricing, NewVo Interiors has you covered. Check out our growing selection of premium quality gaming chairs with affordable prices. Click here to level up without breaking the bank! Don't believe me? Come on down to NewVo Interiors: 60 Rogers Street Manchester, NH to try out a gaming chair for yourself! 

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