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Back to School

Back to School

As summer starts to closeout, it's time to start getting ready for school. With everything in the news as of late, there might be some uncertainty whether or not your child will be going in to school. If they do end up going fully or partially remote, it's best to get them setup and prepared before school begins.

Let's face it, you're not going to get much work done or be able to focus if your chair is uncomfortable. As is it's already easy to become distracted on a zoom call, so just imagine how your child will feel if they're sitting in a shoddy chair. In addition to it being uncomfortable, it's also unhealthy. I've discussed in a previous post that chairs with poor ergonomics/support are conducive to chronic back pain. You can learn more about how the chair you sit in affects your health here. We all want our kids to be healthy and learn with ease, so why not upgrade that cheap chair they've been sitting in. We have plenty of affordable chairs on our site, all of which are commercial grade. Commercial grade means these chairs are meant to last a long time while providing the utmost stability and comfort to the user. Here are a few options suitable for kids:

Serene $169.99

The Serene is one of the most affordable chairs we offer, only $169.99, yet it still provides many of the core functions you would get on a more expensive option. The Serene is of course constructed out of commercial grade materials. It features a mesh back so you'll stay cool and conditioned after working for long stints. A personal favorite of mine are the flip-up arms. The flip-up arms allows you to get very close your desk, unobstructed. You or your child will be left in Serenity once you sit in the Serene. If interested you can check out the Serene here.

Modern O-Frame Desk $139.99

The perfect pairing with a good chair is a good desk. Just like chairs, not all desks are the built with the same quality. Most of the desks we offer on our site are commercial, constructed from low pressure laminate and sturdy steel frames. This particular model is the 48" Modern O-Frame Desk, available in wenge and brown ash. This desk is not too large so it can fit in most spaces, ideal for a child's bedroom. Even though the desk isn't very big, it's surface is still plenty large enough for a computer, keyboard, books, etc.

Evolve Stubby $149.99

Last thing you'd want is for your child start getting neck pains. A typical school day will be about 6 hours long, that means if your child is remote, they could be staring at a monitor for that long. Too many monitors lack any kind of adjustability or ergonomics, so it's worth considering a monitor arm. Monitor arms will offer superior flexibility to a standard monitor with a base. With this particular model, Evolve Stubby, you can effortlessly adjust your picture to what's most comfortable to you. It's good practice to adjust your monitor around so you don't end up getting cramps or straining your neck. 

With these products, your child will be fully ready to start the upcoming school year.


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