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Gaming Digest: The Best of FPS

Gaming Digest: The Best of FPS

We have some exciting game releases to look forward to in the next few months. Some blockbuster titles include Call of Duty: Vanguard, Halo Infinite, Battlefield 2042, and Far Cry 6. Personally I'm really excited for Battlefield 2042. I've been a Battlefield fan for a long time and can't wait for this release. Sadly, it looks like I will have to wait even longer. Unfortunately, some bad news has just come out about 2042's release date being pushed back a month. For those who have pre-ordered the game, it's uncertain if the open beta will also be delayed. Many of us have seen leaked footage of the multiplayer and couldn't wait to try it ourselves! Apparently development was significantly affected by developers not being able to come to the office. Obviously not what anyone wanted, but it's best they take their time finishing/polishing the game so that it's bug free when it comes out. Games that rush development to meet deadlines never come out right and are always a misery to play. Fallout 76 and Cyberpunk 2077 come to mind, two games that rushed release and were absolutely bug ridden. A poor game release can quickly ruin a company's reputation, fanbase, and future sales; that's the last thing Dice wants. Dice is playing it safe here making sure their game meets the typical Battlefield standard. They want to release a game that is above and beyond their competition. 

Battlefield 2042

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Speaking of competition, Call of Duty: Vanguard, the direct competitor to the Battlefield series has already been met with mixed reviews. The game won't be released until November, however, open beta is out and players have been able to fully experience the multiplayer combat. The overall sentiment of this game seems to be that it's dull and too similar to a previous Call of Duty release, WWII. Both games are set during WWII and fans seem to prefer more modern settings over historic periods. Players have remarked that the game is very dull in appearance, characters and maps looking smoky and brown/gray. Other players are just disappointed with the fact that it seems more like a DLC to the previous game, Call of Duty: Cold War. Both games share the same engine so there are more similarities than differences between the two games. This might not only be seen as lazy by the players, but it also brings up concerns of cheating. Because both games are on the same engine, cheats that we're used in the previous game could be used in the new game. This isn't just speculation, there already have been plenty of cheaters found in the Vanguard beta! So far it seems that Call of Duty already has a lot of issues to address and really hasn't set the bar very high. If Battlefield 2042 lives up to what it promises, I don't think there will be much of a competition this year between the two FPS giants. We'll know for sure within a month or so.

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