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Got back problems?

Got back problems?

Back pain, we've all experienced it to some degree and we all hate it. It affects your mood, productivity, sleep schedule- everything. One of the biggest culprits for chronic back pain could be that cheap office chair you've been sitting in for years. Nowadays, everyone has started to invest in a quality mattress for better sleep, so why not do the same for the chair you sit in all day? When it comes to seating, most would choose the cheapest option, but now that's changing. There's been a noticeable shift in the perception of office chairs and how investing in a quality chair can help with your health.

What's lacking in these cheaper office chairs is proper lumbar support. Many cheap office chairs don't include any sort of lumbar support to save on costs. Sure, you might be able to pick one up for under $100 and it'll serve its purpose, but your back will be paying for it down the line. Thanks to advancements in chair technology and ergonomic research, we now have many brands to choose from that offer chairs with proper support. X-Chair, one of the most innovative brands, has focused extensively on creating an office chair which keeps you healthy. Their claim to fame is the patented Dynamic Variable Lumbar

The DVL support is dynamic meaning it will constantly adjust to your body every time you move. With DVL, you'll never need to make an adjustment and you'll remain comfortable every time you take a seat. DVL is just one of the many features X-chairs have to offer. Explore X-chair.

We all agree that these features are all great, but at what cost do they come? Just like a high quality mattress, it's not cheap, but still affordable. When you think of all the time, research, testing, and materials that are put into these products, it makes sense. These aren't chairs you'll have for a few months or a year, much longer than that. X-chair knows this and that's why they have a 5 year warranty on moving parts and a 10 year warranty on non-moving parts on their chairs. It's not just an office chair, it's an investment in your health.

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