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Office Essentials

Office Essentials

Have you ever found yourself in the following scenario? Tangled cords adorned across your desk, precious desk space stolen by monitor stands, a stubborn chair that requires all your strength to move around on carpet? If you answered "yes" to any of these, it's time to make a much needed change.

At NewVo Interiors, our number one priority is customer satisfaction, that's why we handpicked these office essentials just for you. Regardless of whether you work from home or in an office, these office essentials are sure to make your work life a breeze.

One of my personal favorite additions to an office space is cord management. It's incredibly easy for a tidy office space to quickly become cluttered and unsightly as soon as you add in monitors, peripherals, extensions cords, etc. Not only are loose wires ugly, they're also a safety hazard. Imagine walking back to your office space with a cup of coffee, tripping on a rogue cord, and then coffee ends up all over yourself and your computer. Not the best way to start a Monday. Maybe you went to unplug a cord and you end up accidentally unplugging a hard-drive or your computer's power source. Just like that, the project you were working on all day, gone in an instant. In severe situations, sketchy cords and wiring could even become a potential fire hazard. The solution is simple, cord management. No longer will you need to worry about wires and cords getting in your way throughout your work day. We have a few different solutions, but I recommend the 30" Spine Cord Management accessory. It has a unique look that will add character plus functionality to any workspace.

If you're looking for a solution that's a little more subtle, check out the classic Coil Snake Cord Management accessory.

Monitors are big bulky things and they're not very ergonomic either. Even with a good office chair, you can still experience neck pain from staring at a stationary monitor for hours on end. So if you find yourself running out of desktop real estate, experiencing neck pain, or you just want to add more monitors to your setup, you need some monitor arms. Don't be fooled, not all monitor arms are created equal, but lucky for you, NewVo picked out some of the best just for you. We have a range of monitors arms from Humanscale that can hold one to three monitors per arm. Humanscale monitor arms are incredibly durable, versatile, flexible, and come in a variety of high end finishes.

Check out the M2.1 monitor arm by Humanscale, featuring patented Weight-Compensated Spring Technology and Smart Stop Functionality. It's time to say goodbye to discomfort.

The final accessory is a must need if your office space has carpeting or hardwood flooring. Let's face it, office chairs and carpeting were never met to be. Due to the sheer amount of friction, moving around carpets in a chair with casters is a struggle. Maybe you're on hardwood floor, there's another issue. As wheels get worn out over time, they'll begin to damage and scrape up your hardwood floor. No one wants grooves in their floor. There are two ways to go about this, you could replace your flooring every time it becomes damaged...or you could just buy a chair mat! Lucky for you, NewVo Interiors offers tempered glass chair mats. We offer these mats in a variety of dimensions fit for any office space. These mats can withstand thousands of pounds weight, are easy to clean, and come with a limited lifetime warranty against chips and cracks. Relax knowing you'll never scratch up your floor again as you move around seamlessly on your new chair mat!

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