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The Cubicle Buying Process

The Cubicle Buying Process

Have you ever wondered what goes into the cubicle buying process? As dealers of new and used cubicles and other office solutions we felt the need to illuminate what truly goes into the cubicle buying process in order for you to save both time and money - who doesn't want that?

Step 1 : Understanding the Space

We see it all the time, clients who come in and need to outfit a certain number of cubicles but have no idea how many workspaces they can actually support. This often leads to a wasted trip, and the client leaving without any of the information they'd hoped to gain. Finding the dimensions of your workspace accurately is one of the most important pieces of the cubicle buying process and allows us to give you an accurate picture of what to expect in terms of ability and cost. One of the best ways we recommend doing this is by first understanding the square footage of the space, and then taking a picture our video of the space so that the designers can understand what obstacles are in the way and what to expect visually. In addition to this it's key to relay information about where the doorways, windows and power outlets are located so that we have the ability to accurately understand what we'll need to do in your space. 

Step 2: What Your Expectations Are

The next key to understand the cubicle buying process is to understand and relay what your expectations are so that we can manage them, or meet them. This process usually begins with an understanding of how many workspaces you'll need and how big you think that they need to be in order to achieve that goal. We'll also need to know what kind of accessories you want to come with your cubicles like power stations or storage solutions such as overhead cabinets or lateral files. This allows us to get a holistic picture of what you're expecting from us and allows us to accurately reflect your wants and needs in our service. Wanting things like custom colors, specific heights or surfaces are all things that we need to know about before we can give you an accurate picture of what cubicles work the best for you

Step 3: New vs Used Cubicles 

One of the first big decisions after laying out your expectations is to see whether new cubicles or used cubicles are best for your space. One of the biggest differences between new and used cubicles is the amount of customization you'll need for your space. Used cubicles are often still very high quality but have to be sold as is and have very little room for adjustments. If you're looking for a quick workspace solution and have relatively little need for customized colors or accessories then you can often find everything you need from the used cubicles. On the other hand, new cubicles have a lot of different features and add ons that can be customized to your needs. Due to the nature of new commercial furniture the time before installation is roughly 10 weeks compared to the week or so it takes for us to gather and install used cubicles. However, we're able to make sure that the cubicle you're getting has the right fabric, height and accessories. 

Step 4: Understanding Surfaces

After figuring out what you need as far as customization of the cubicle, the next step is to understand what surfaces you'll need on the inside of the cubicle. This is arguably the most important part because it will directly effect the employees level of comfort and usable workspace. The number of surfaces in a typical cubicle is usually 2, however some people will opt for 3 surfaces that wrap around the cubicle for extra space. These are all things that matter, because more surface space often means less usable space for the employee and you don't want to force employees into tight and hard to maneuver workspaces. 


Even though the cubical process is complex, there are simple things that you can do before you start searching that will undoubtedly save you time and hassle in the long run. while this wasn't meant to be a comprehensive guide, we wanted to share with you some basic insights and background information on what the cubicle buying process is like and how you can better tackle it!

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