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The Perfect Gaming Setup

The Perfect Gaming Setup

Have you experienced the following: Getting constantly crushed by your opponents, multiple rage induced fits in a day, uncomfortable gaming environment, or feeling ready to give up on gaming? If you're gaming on a tv dinner table, seriously, you're going to have a bad time. How about that grimy chair old chair you sit in that's literally older than you? Back pain and bottom fragging, the only two things that antique chair is adding to your gaming experience. It doesn't have to be this way. You could throw in the towel and let your opponents have the last laugh, or you could get serious and upgrade your setup. 

Have you ever noticed any top streamers with a bus chair and nightstand gaming setup? Zero, zip, none, nope, you haven't. The reason why? Well because that's an awful setup. Now obviously you're probably not using a bus chair or tv dinner table, the point is it's probably similar to what you're currently using and netting the same effect. So I'd say the first thing that needs to get upgraded is a table. If you play with a mouse and keyboard, a large desktop surface is must have. You'll need plenty or room for long mouse movements, especially if you're playing FPS games. If you've got the space, it makes sense to addon a nice and wide mouse pad. Personally I've got one that covers my entire desk and I never run out of room. Make sure that you get a desk that's sturdy; not moving around every time you type a key on your keyboard. A rickety and unstable desk is incredibly annoying and makes gaming nearly impossible. As soon as you upgrade that desk, you'll be way more comfortable while gaming. Check out our desks.

So you've got the desk now, but you're still missing the other piece to the puzzle. You need a proper gaming chair. You might ask "why is a gaming chair so important? Why can't I just use a normal chair?". Of course you can sit in whatever chair you'd like, but your back is going to thank you if you pull the trigger on a proper gaming chair instead. In short, a gaming chair is built around the gamer. The structure of the chair is meant to support the gamer over long periods of time without causing aches and fatigue. You can learn more about the ergonomics of gaming chairs in a previous blog post here

A solid desk and an elite gaming chair means you're one step closer to victory. You could stop here and start gaming, or you could addon even more accessories. Some common gaming accessories include headphones, footrest, cable management, monitors arms, webcam, and a whole lot more. You can view some of these accessories here if interested.

Now at the end of the day, your setup doesn't determine your skill or success online, however, a proper setup sure will keep you comfortable and relaxed while gaming hours on end. So get out there, have fun, and game on!

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