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What does "Commercial Grade" mean? What is BIFMA and Greenguard?

What does "Commercial Grade" mean? What is BIFMA and Greenguard?

Here at NewVo Interiors, we pride ourselves on the fact that nearly all the office furniture we sell is commercial grade. If you've read any of our other blogs or browsed some products on our site, you can see we use this term a lot- and for good reason. We want to make it clear to our customers that the products we sell are of the highest quality and will last much longer than cheap office furniture. So what makes a piece of furniture commercial grade then? It's all about the materials that go into the final product, of course.

There are many certifications for commercial grade, two we commonly adhere to are BIFMA and Greenguard. BIFMA stand for Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association, a non-profit formed with the purpose of creating voluntary standards that promote safe working environments. BIFMA develops and maintains their safety standards for furniture products. They collaborate with other parties to deliberate on new furniture policies. BIFMA is concerned with the durability, safety, and the sustainability of furniture. Their sustainability standard was created to be the most transparent form of evaluating and communicating environmental and social impacts of furniture products. The sustainability standard considers a company's social actions, energy usage, material choice and human/ecosystem health impact. So if you see a product on our store with BIFMA as a feature, you'll know that product is complying with strict standards, a guarantee to the customer that their furniture is safe and durable.

BIFMA Standard

Another certification, Greenguard, goes a little deeper into the environmental and health impact that improperly manufactured furniture can create. Greenguard is mostly concerned with VOC's or Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC's are used in the production process to help increase the longevity of furniture, cleaning products, personal care products, and building materials. Unfortunately, VOCs have been found to be common indoors and that their levels could be 2-1,000x stronger than outdoors. VOC's are irritants known to cause headaches, eye, nose, and throat irritation, and dizziness in short term exposure. Long term, VOC's can be incredibly damaging to your health, causing chronic diseases or cancer. This is another certification that nearly all of the products we sell adhere to. The last thing we would want to do is sell furniture to our customers that is detrimental to themselves and the environment.

Greenguard Certification

We take our furniture very seriously, whereas some other companies, big or small, don't even think about the long term impact furniture could have. You can rest easy shopping on our site knowing that we've picked out only brands we trust; due to their strict compliance with these ever so important standards. You can learn more about BIFMA here and Greenguard here.

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