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What is a Task Chair Anyways?

What is a Task Chair Anyways?

The average office worker spends countless hours sitting down in their chair while working. Just think about it: 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week people all across the world are sitting at their desks. This is exactly why having a premium task chair is so crucial for both your productivity as well as maintaining your overall health and strength. 

Task Chair

We all know about the traditional office chair, one thats ugly, uncomfortable and offers relatively no ergonomic support. Well, move over office chair, the new wave of office chairs are here and they are referred to "task chairs". 

So, What is a Task Chair?

At its core, a task chair is essentially an office chair that pays great attention to ergonomics and is designed to be used in a plethora of applications (tasks). Task chairs are designed with some of the latest ergonomic technology and offers some serious benefits to the people who choose to upgrade their office chair to a task chair. 

Task chairs differ from their traditional office chair counterpart in that they're typically smaller and use space more efficiently. Rather than the giant and plushy executive office chairs of the past these chairs are designed to be able to move all around the workspace easily and fit under desks to promote ergonomic posture. These chairs are highly versatile and are quickly becoming the choice for workspaces that rely on collaboration and versatility. 

Additionally Task chairs are often designed to accommodate multiple body types and come with a high level of adjustability and customizability. Through features like adjustable arms and bases to adjustable seat heights and lengths task chairs are naturally accommodating to virtually everyones preferences and body type. 

Another key aspect of modern task chairs is the increased ergonomic technologies revolved around the lumbar support. One of the biggest complaints of traditional office chairs is that they offer very little to no lower back support and often results in people experiencing discomfort and pain while working. Well through modern technological solutions many task chairs offer advanced lumbar support and can keep people working pain free.

So, when you start to consider your next office chair, you should really consider adding a task chair to your work or home office not only because of the modern look, but the real health benefits that you can see if you make the switch. If you have to be sitting for 8 hours a day you might as well be comfortable!

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