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Work from home? No Problem!

Work from home? No Problem!

Throughout the current state of the pandemic, people are moving towards working from home at a faster rate than ever. With increasingly advanced technological capabilities, the future appears to lie in online video teleconferencing software. But where do we all get started? What is the first step we take in building our home offices? The first thing we need is a simple, but important one!

An extremely comfortable chair

When getting started on your home office journey, you are going to be sitting down for nearly 8 hours a day. So why not invest in a comfortable office chair? If you're going to be sitting, why not be as comfortable as possible at the same time? Here at NewVo Interiors, we provide comfortable yet affordable office furniture for all of your basic work needs. If you sign up for our newsletter, there's $20 off your first purchase instantly! On top of that, we also provide quality customer service to assist any questions/concerns you may have.

So, thinking about working from home? No problem! You can easily start your journey right here at NewVo Interiors.

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